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A Complete Guide to Handstand Practice for Beginners

What is a handstand?

A handstand is a stable position of the body in an inverted vertical position by balancing on the hands. The body is perpendicular to the ground, with arms and legs in full extension. Hands are spaced approximately shoulder-width apart.


Where is it practiced?

There are many variations of handstands, but one thing they all have in common is a requirement. It requires balance and upper body strength. 

Handstands are performed in various activities that require athletic stamina, namely, calisthenics, gymnastics, and yoga. Some variation of a handstand position is performed on a beam balance and other gymnastic equipment. 

What is interesting about this movement?

  1. Some gymnasts can perform handstands with a single hand. 
  2. The best way to practice a handstand in a swimming pool. This is because of the pressure of the water. 
  3. Swimmers who dive, use handstands as a preparation.    
Handstand Swimming

What are the benefits of a Handstand?

  1. Handstands activate the muscles located in the arms, upper back, and shoulders. It helps in strengthening.
  2. It build core strength
  3. Strengthens the arms and wrists, mobilizes the wrists, improves arm circulation.
  4. Stimulates lung function, improves heart circulation, increases blood flow.
  5. The inverted blood flow soothes the nervous system, promoting a feeling of calm and balance. 
  6. Increases concentration & Focus. 
  7. Mood boosters, by reducing the stress hormone cortisol. 
  8. Boosts immunity and health.
  9. Excellent for brain healing.
  10. Very meditative and relaxing effect on the mind.

Do handstands elevate mental health?

When increasing proprioception and taking body awareness to the test. Reversing the body upside down, comes with its advantages. Blood rushes to the brain feeling refreshed, it's like a cup of joe in the morning. There’s nothing like a boost of fresh blood. 

It’s also a great way to build confidence and self-esteem, a nice activity to add to the bucket list. 

It reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol. 

Inversions such as the headstand stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (which helps to combat stress), the lower blood pressure is practiced regularly. Being a plyometric exercise, it comes with its endless physical benefits. 

Being upside down naturally circulates blood to the upper body, increasing blood flow to the lungs. 

Handstand Collection

Pointers to keep in mind while performing a handstand?

  1. It requires a tremendous amount of patience and will-power, several practices to master the craft.
  2. It’s important to keep your legs together. 
  3. Ensure you take support from a vertical platform surface.
  4. Ensure it is attempted in a spacious environment, this will help one improve one’s spatial awareness. 
  5. Never practice with a full stomach. 
  6. Avoid sitting and standing immediately.

How does one prepare themselves for a handstand?

A handstand does not occur overnight. It requires activation and engagement of various muscles. Wrists, shoulders, core, arms, requires a conditioning to balance on the hands. 

Wrist mobilization is highly useful in performing a handstand, as it regulates the blood flow through the wrists. This is because there is a significant amount of stress in the hands and wrists. This is also actively used and sown into Animal Flow. 

Once the upper body has a reasonable amount of arm strength, the handstand will start to feel easy. 

It’s important to try and attempt progressions to arrive at the perfect handstand. Remember, practice makes perfect. 

Here at Erthelife, we have handstands blocks and mats which would be great for your new journey into Handstands. 

Check out our exclusive handstand collection. This comprises our state of the art mats and blocks. 

Erthelife has an array of several exquisite colours of handstand mats ranging from Shiny Black to Bright Purple

Handstand Collection

You can take your handstand practice to any location you like with our mats. Not only are they lightweight, they are also eco-friendly. Take your handstands in stride with our comfortably styled mats made up of Premium Quality Eco Pu Rubber. The mat creates a perfect grip for hands with the extra cushioning. 

It’s super lightweight, rolls up easily, and can be carried anywhere, easily folded into suitcases. 

The designing of this mat has been done by professional experts, used by experienced hand balancers, practitioners. Transform your handstands with our eco-friendly mat for just the right alignment.

Here are some of our essential features from our handstand mat:

  1. Warrior like grip : Essential for a handstand guide
  2. Multipurpose mat: Use it as a yoga pad, meditation pad, cushioning for knees, and take it on the go. Can also be used as a sitting mat when sitting on the floor.
  3. Alignment Lines: Alignment lines have been professionally marked by expert practitioners
  4. Carry strap included: Roll up, carry on your shoulder. We like to make your life easier. 
  5. Sustainable Material: Made up  of our specially engineered eco-polyurethane. PVC free. We like to reduce the load off from the planet’s ecosystem. 

Moving unto the blocks, we provide handstand blocks of three interesting shades:

  1. Natural Bamboo
  2. Fresh Pink
  3. Bright purple

By using our handstand blocks, you will be assisted in strength and balance training. This is a recommended tool for beginners. 

The special feature about the Natural Bamboo handstand blocks is that they are made up of natural bamboo materials. All blocks have smooth edges with a slip - resistant silicon base. They are made up of Bamboo and recycled rubber. 

These blocks have a unique feature as they provide support for the wrists from excessive pressure. These blocks also help reduce elbow pain and tendinitis not only during inversions but also in yoga positions such as plank holds. 

Handstand Block

How do handstand blocks help in training?

  1. Using handstand blocks in training provides grips and thereby enhances training. 
  2. Provide better handstand positioning.
  3. Strengthens shoulders, improves hand to hand balance. 
  4. Reduces pressure on the wrists.
  5. Useful for all bodyweight exercises
  6. Rounded edges design and anti-slip material
  7. Provides stability for all kinds of exercises 

Handstand blocks are also used in other sports and physical activities like yoga. You can use these blocks with various purposes.

Erthe LIfe's Blue Handstand Mat and Bamboo Handstand Blocks

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