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Animal Flow On Demand

Animal Flow on Demand with Erthe Life & Animal Flow in Sydney


Animal Flow: Movement for Everybody

Animal Flow is designed to help you improve strength, mobility, flexibility and coordination. Suitable for all fitness levels, you can now learn and practice this innovative movement program anywhere, anytime. Without any fitness equipment, you only need yourself and a little space to move around.

Introducing: Animal Flow On Demand

Animal Flow is a ground based movement system, while it can be challenging, the program is effective in helping you reach your fitness goals. You can now learn and train Animal Flow by subscribing to their On Demand Channel for unlimited access to all kinds of Animal Flow tutorials, classes and flows.

Animal Flow On Demand with Erthe Life and Animal Flow in Sydney

  • Tutorials

There are over 90 instructional videos teaching the programs Level 1 and Level 2 movements. Mike Fitch the Creator of Animal Flow himself teaches all of the Level 1 and 2 movements so you can use these videos to learn all the basic and fundamentals of Animal Flow. If you are more experienced with Animal Flow, movement coach or a current Animal Flow instructor, these videos are great to fine tune your technique as you progress with your practice!

There are also tutorials for those just getting into Animal Flow and for any reason have trouble performing the standard Animal Flow movements. These movements are called "Deconstructed" movements where modifications are made to regular Animal Flow movements to make them more accessible to people who cannot perform the standard movements. Animal Flow Deconstructed movements are a great way to build up strength and mobility before starting the regular movements and these can be used on a temporary basis. Although some people may stay with these easier versions indefinitely. 

For more advanced movers, there are also more advanced and bonus moves tutorials available when you are ready to progress! The advanced and bonus moves are not covered in the Level 1 and 2 courses so they tricky movements and combinations.

  • Classes

Improve yourself to over 60 classes for all fitness levels. There are full length sessions available whether you're just getting started with Animal Flow, intermediate mover or practitioners. These proper formatted classes containing warm-up, conditioning and drills, and learning how to perform a full flow.

Find the right class formats to fulfil your fitness goal. Variety of sessions available includes: mobility, flexibility work, interval training, flow skills, and coordination skills.

  • Flows

Challenge your fitness and movement practice with over 140 flows led by the Animal Flow creator himself Mike Fitch and other Master instructors. Whether you're a beginner, advanced or Animal Flow instructor, there are flows suitable for everyone.

A new flow of the week is introduced each week to keep you moving!

Animal Flow On Demand is great for anyone into Animal Flow or movement. The app is available on Streaming Devices (AppleTV, AndroidTV etc) and any mobile phones supporting IOS 9+ and Android 4.4+. Otherwise with your login details, you can stream anytime in your browser.

Learn and Practice Animal Flow anywhere anytime with Animal Flow On Demand with instant unlimited 24/7 access.

For subscription details and a Free 14 Days Trial Click here to find out more about Animal Flow On Demand