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Erthe Life's Story

Erthe Life's Story on Movement, Breath & Ice

Certified Animal Flow Instructor & Regional Leader for Sydney

Welcome to my story. My name is Simon and I am a certified Fitness Trainer, Animal Flow Reginal Sydney Instructor and Breathwork Instructor. I started working in the fitness industry since 2005 while travelling between Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia.

I have been inspired to live a more balanced life where I aim live life to the fullest. Over the years, I dedicated my practice and lifestyle searching for the real meaning of consciousness and a better way of life. I began my soul searching journey across Asia, backpacking in countries: Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Japan, Korea,, China and many more Asian countries. My journey gave me the understanding that life is all about the "experience". Our consciousness is a accumulative of experiences whether they are visual, physical or emotional. 

10 Days Vipassana Meditation Course in Myanmar10 Days Vipassana Meditation Course in Myanmar

The search provided me with new opportunities and knowledge to further expand an optimal well-being lifestyle through Body Movement, Meditation, Reiki and Breathwork. My knowledge and experience grew, guiding me into a path to becoming a certified Reiki Practitioner and Breathwork Instructor.

The awakening of the consciousness to being present and being "Right here and Right now" is about waking up and living a optimal well-being lifestyle. Awakening to life is to appreciate yourself while seeing everything around you with greater awareness. So what is the best way to live life to the fullest? This is where Erthe Life comes in.

Creating Safe Space to Heal Through Breathwork and Cold Exposure with Breathless Expeditions
Breathwork & Cold Exposure Training

As Graham Hancock once quoted "This beautiful Earth that we have, this gift that the Universe has given us is precious beyond measure, precious beyond imagination, and we are part of it and we must treat it with Love, respect, and reverence".

I created Erthe Life dedicating the brand's vision to: Simplifying the pathway to an optimal well-being lifestyle through movement and breath. I want to reshape the way we live by offering the right education to help support an optimal well-being lifestyle.

Movement Workshop by OMU (Online Movement University) in Singapore

Movement Workshop by OMU (Online Movement University) in Singapore

Erthe Life's goal is to amplify the transformational momentum of optimal well-being through movement and and the breath. As well promoting a optimal well-being lifestyle, I look for highest quality products and services, designed and tested by myself and other professional experts.

There is always something new to be learnt everyday about ourselves, so please remember to follow me on social media (Facebook / Instagram) or my dedicated Erthe Life's Facebook Group: Movement, Breath & Ice and be part of my journey to an optimal life.

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