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Animal Flow in Sydney

Animal Flow in Sydney

The uniqueness of Animal Flow compared to other movement modalities is that it has a very well thought out system. Once you've learned the moves, you can practice anywhere you want, whether you're at home, at the gym or the park, Animal Flow can be performed anywhere anytime.

We have a lovely team here in Sydney.

Regional Leaders Nikki Rubino and myself have been actively encouraging to the fellow flowists in Sydney to be part of this amazing community. Recently, we hosted a beginner-based event in Bondi and are always on the lookout for different places to hold special classes for those who love to try it first time. This is a great opportunity to receive 1:1 real-time feedback and to flow with others in person.

Animal Flow Sydney has regular class across Sydney and have meet ups every now and then. Animal Flow Sydney also supports local Animal Flow instructors with their certification and training to be better coaches. You can get in touch with either one of us if you’d like to learn anything about Animal Flow!

Animal Flow as a Community

Flowing together impacted the pandemic era, by creating solid friendships. When everyone was locked up in their homes because of a global pandemic, we came together to flow online. People from different backgrounds, ages, and jobs, shared one thing in common. This was the passion to move.

Virtual jams became the norm, whether it was in a garage or the backyard, flowing with callouts was happening.

The Sydney community was a big part of this virtual community during unprecedented times. The greatest element of the Animal Flow system is – the community. There are always several different forms of Jams, the most common is the ‘’add-on flow.’’ It is an improv style of flow which requires attendees to take turns in adding in two or three movements to a flow. The finished product, is then practiced for as long as the group desires, has received input from everyone present.


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