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What is Animal Flow?

What is Animal Flow?

Animal Flow is an innovative and fun ground-based bodyweight movement system designed to enhance strength, mobility, flexibility and stamina. Whether you are looking for a workout for yourself, training with a professional, a group workout or even just looking for a fitness community to be part of, the Animal Flow system is so versatile, there is something for everyone!

Created by Mike Fitch, Animal Flow is a combination of Activations, Form Specific Stretches, Switches & Transitions and Animal Locomotion movement put together to form a “flow”. This series of Animal Flow moves are linked in multiple ways creating a fun and creative sequence focusing on myofascial slings. Focusing on these “myofascial slings” are fundamental in building the essential connection between muscles, joints, connective tissue and ones to work together creating a string of action and reaction.

Why should you practice Animal Flow?

Animal Flow is suitable everyone, whether you’re a fitness professionals, movement enthusiast or just someone looking for a simple workout. A balanced Animal Flow workout connects each physical position into a fluid sequence while improving our kinaesthetic awareness.

Animal Flow is a fitness program using both quadrupedal and ground-based movement. To practice this movement system, you perform a flow by moving from one position to another by opening up our body while activating our stabilising muscles. By moving fluidly using just our bodyweight, we can improve our overall body physic as well as bringing awareness to our body and mind connection!

What can I achieve with Animal Flow?

Animal Flow allow us to understand how to move our whole body in a much simpler way. That is why it is a great training program for all fitness levels.

  • Strength - Animal Flow will constantly require you to support your whole body weight whether your performing specific moves or practicing a flow. Animal Flow movements will engage different parts of your body while challenging you to build strength by stimulating your muscles with tempo changes and timed static stretches.
  • Coordination - Each Animal Flow movement will challenge you to move in various direction. Practicing these movements will help our brian to coordinate the right steps or transitions while also moving as fluently as possible.
  • Mobility - Performing Animal Flow movements can enhance your mobility by doing different range of motions. These movements helps keep your joints strong and healthy while also improving your full body awareness.
  • Community - Animal Flow is all about community! There are Animal Flow instructors and flowist throughout the world where everyone share the love of movement. Join our Erthe Life private Facebook Group Conscious Living with Yoga, Movement and Breath for latest Animal Flow updates or if you're in Sydney, join me at Animal Flow in Sydney.

Where to start with Animal Flow?

Whatever your experience level, body type, or background. Whether you train in a gym, at the park or inside a tiny apartment, Animal Flow can be implemented into your training sessions to help you get stronger and move better. 

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Even if you have a busy schedule with your family and your job, Animal Flow will fit into your lifestyle because it can be done anywhere and anytime.