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The Complete Guide to Gymnastics Handstand Blocks

Gymnastic Handstand Practice with Erthe Life Handstand Blocks

Have you ever seen a gymnast do a handstand on the balance beam? One of their most important skills is to be able to do the same on a set of blocks. A handstand block can be made of any material (most commonly wood) with a size big enough for your hand to grip over it. You should be able to grip onto the block firmly to develop stronger fingers and wrist strength. The handstand blocks should also be sturdy and grippy enough so that you can balance with them on any kind of surface.

Handstand blocks are great equipment for any gym or movement studio because they allow beginners to transition from performing a handstand from blocks onto the floor or any other handstand equipment (eg. Handstand cranes and balance beams). In this post, we will discuss everything related to gymnastics handstand blocks including what they are, how they work, and where you can buy them!

What are Gymnastics Handstand Blocks?

Gymnasts use handstand blocks in order to practice their inversion skills. They are sturdy blocks that you can grip comfortably with your hands while being inverted. They provide better balance while hand balancing on the floor. The blocks will also provide you with better grip and balancing control. The most common materials used as handstand blocks are different kinds of wood or bamboo while there are some on the market which is made of foam rubber. We personally recommend handstand blocks to be made of wood as it gives a more solid and sturdy feel. Handstand blocks also reduce pressure on the wrists and better grip for the fingers as you wrap them around the blocks instead of having them flat on the ground.

Gymnastics Handstand Blocks in Natural Bamboo Colour

How to use Gymnastic Handstand Blocks and what are they for?

Handstands require a lot of practice. Gymnasts may use these blocks in order to practice new moves (like a handstand for the first time) or as part of their regular routine. It helps them work on skills like improving balance and core strength. Handstand blocks are also great for handstand progression, for example, one arm handstand and straddle press handstand.

One of the biggest purposes of handstand blocks is to reduce pressure on the wrist and forearms during any kind of inversion. Especially for a lot of beginners, the wrist and forearms strength are underdeveloped, so handstand blocks will help build stronger muscles while improving your balance.

Remember not to place your fingers directly underneath the blocks when you perform a handstand as this will cause injury to your fingers. Make sure you rest your palms firmly on top of the blocks and fingers just over the smooth edges.

Another common mistake people make when performing their first handstand is placing all their weight on the fingers instead of trying to distribute as evenly as possible across both arms, and on the palms of the hand.

Getting a good grip on Erthe Life Pink Handstand Blocks

Other Uses for Gymnastics Handstand Blocks

Handstand blocks are also used in other sports and activities like yoga (to help people stay stable or increase their flexibility in awkward poses) and Pilates. If you're using them for something else, make sure that they don't move around too much when someone stands on them!

What Else Should I Know Before I Start?

Handstands are becoming increasingly popular practice thanks to gymnastics and calisthenics programs that have popped up around the world and more are people taking up fitness routines at home with videos they find online. Many gyms will set aside space just for practicing handstand but if you're visiting a new gym it might be best to call ahead to confirm in advance that they have a suitable area. Remember it is dangerous to be performing handstand in an area full of gym equipment or weights as you may not predict how you land back on your feet from a handstand position. It is best to have a space where you can get plenty of room for you to land back onto your feet at all angles. Also, leave some additional space for potentially falling or landing in an awkward position during your practice.

Handstand Grip on Erthe Life Bamboo Handstand Blocks


Handstand blocks are a great way for beginners and advanced gymnasts to build their handstand skills. Handstand blocks are great for performing handstands either as support or as an aid when starting your handstand journey. Using blocks will help beginners to learn faster, increase wrist and forearm strength and improving core balance while inverted.  

If you're considering getting some handstand blocks to help with your handstands practice, at Erthe Life we have specially designed a pair of handstand blocks consulting with professional handstand practitioners. They can be easily carried around and lightweight and most importantly they are made with only sustainable materials. Click here to order our colourful sustainable handstand blocks from Erthe Life today!

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