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Handstand Blocks: Level up your Handstand Practice

Performing a handstand may look simple, but once you drill into the dynamics of it, you start to realise how frustrating it is to learn and master it. A lot of determination and patience is required and I am certain all handstand practitioners will tell you that they have all spent years of training before they mastered the technique and yet they continue to learn something new every day. People generally perceive that handstand training is only for gymnasts or elite movers. Here, I am going to convince you that anyone can perform a handstand if you are willing to put in the time and effort to practice as well as having the right handstand coach and using the right handstand tools. 

Erthe Life Handstand Blocks Collection in Bamboo, Pink and Purple
Check out our Handstand Blocks Collection avaliable in Natural Bamboo, Purple & Pink

We perform a handstand by supporting and balancing the body with our hands while inverted. Therefore, during our handstand training we spend a lot of time with our hands on the ground. Our mind and body are not naturally used to being in this position, so there are certain things we must work on before we find our perfect balance.

There is a lot of different handstand equipment to help improve your handstand training. Each type of equipment will provide a different learning experience as part of your handstand journey. Today, we will be introducing Erthe Life’s Handstand blocks with a brief introduction on how and why you should start adding them to your practice. Handstand can be simple and is one of the most rewarding skills set to master.

Bamboo Handstand Blocks with Blue Handstand Mat by Erthe LifeErthe Life's Handstand Blocks comes in 3 vibrant colours: Natural Bamboo, Fresh Pink and Bright Purple!

Why You Should Start Using Handstand Blocks

Handstand blocks allow you to find your balance easier than balancing on the ground with just your hands. They provide better control during inversion and also improve your hand grip. Performing a handstand with handstand blocks require less wrist flexibility. This allows practitioners to train inversion longer without getting tired easily and a lesser risk of wrist injuries. For beginners who are just starting out, handstand blocks are a great tool to help build and improve wrist strength.

Adding handstand blocks to your practice will reduce wrist pain (especially when you are spending a long period of time on your hands while inverted). Wrist pain starts to occur when you have weak wrists and forearms strength. Handstand blocks will reduce wrist and foreman stress while building stronger muscles to improve your balance whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

Training Handstand Practice with Erthe Life's Bamboo Handstand blocks

 In our previous blog post, we went through all the benefits of performing handstands regularly, ranging from improving blood flow to overall physical health and also being a great form of meditation (Click here to see the full list of benefits: Benefits of Handstand Practice).

When and How You Should be Using Them

Handstand blocks are great for beginners who have yet to master the perfect balance with just your hands on the ground. I also recommend to start incorporating handstand blocks when you are progressing to one arm handstand training. Handstand blocks provides you a better grip compared to the using just the floor especially when you are starting to build up the strength and balance with one or two arms.

When you are balancing on the floor with just your hands, the middle joints of your fingers will usually come up a little bit so the surface area you are gripping is less than your full hand. When you start using the handstand blocks, it will provide a lot more grip and leverage because your fingers can grip over the edges of the blocks. Therefore, it is more comfortable.

There are many variations to perform a handstand and every practitioner will have their preference over time. Don’t always follow the same routine if it doesn’t work for you. Everyone’s body type, height and weight are different so there will be multiple ways to perfect your handstand posture.

How to Grip Your Handstand Blocks

You will need to grip the block with 2 or 3 fingers in the front of the block, thumb on the side of the block and the little finger (pinky finger) on the other side of the thumb. You don’t want to grip with all four fingers at the front and just the thumb on the side as this will not give you a side to side control while finding your balance.

Proper handstand hand grip with Erthe Life's Handstand Blocks

At the end of the day, this is all based on your personal preference as well. Find a position where you feel less stress on the wrist. Finding the balance and control is pretty much the same as balancing on the ground. Some practitioners may find the weight distribution to be slightly different. There tend to be a bit more weight balance towards the fingers when using the blocks versus most of the weight being on the heel of the palm while balancing on the floor. Most practitioners will also suggest that handstand blocks provide a more sensitive control over hand balancing on the floor.

There is no right or wrong as this is all about finding our own balance during inversion. Be aware that you may need to recalibrate your balance and technique when you are switching from performing handstand on the floor to balancing with the blocks (especially if you are doing 1 arm handstand).

Level Up with Erthe Life's Handstand Blocks

Rose Pink Eco-friendly Handstand Blocks by Erthe Life
Above: Our Fresh Pink Handstand Blocks made with sustainable Bamboo material. Also comes in Natural Bamboo colour and Bright Purple

Handstand blocks are a great tool to implement for beginners and professionals. Not only does handstand blocks assist you when starting with the fundamentals of handstand, but they also provide different variations to handstand training for practitioners. Adding handstand blocks are useful to building wrist and shoulder strength, improving body awareness and body control.

Handstand blocks relieve your wrists from excessive pressure and therefore allow you to train longer. At the same time also allows you to develop stronger fingers, wrists, forearms and shoulders as well as improving your endurance. Our handstand blocks are designed with a smooth round edge where your fingers grips. The smooth edge design improves comfort and prevents any numbness or discomfort if you accidentally grip the blocks too hard.

Handstand practice with Erthe Life Handstand Blocks in Hong Kong Sheung Wan

At Erthe Life, our handstand blocks are designed and tested by a team of handstand professionals, movement coaches and yoga instructors. Our handstand blocks are made with sustainable bamboo with smooth lamination making it easy and comfortable to grip onto.  Recycled rubber is used on the base of the block to provide extra grip on slippery surfaces such as wooden floors, tiles or rough gym floors.

We have developed a set of blocks that can be easily carried around so you can practice handstand anytime and anywhere. The handstand blocks are lightweight with a hollow design and an opening on the bottom so you can utilize every space in your gym bag or travel luggage. And most important of all, we only use sustainable materials without compromising performance and durability.


Check out our latest Eco-friendly Handstand Collection and start your handstand journey today!

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  • These are so good! I spend 6 months trying to hold a handstand for more than 3-5 seconds, after getting some blocks within just over a week I can hold for over 30 seconds! Such a good investment in my handstand training, I wish I had found out about these blocks sooner. Using the blocks I was also able to get my girlfriend to get on her hands (against a wall) since she feels more comfortable having something more to grip onto than doing handstands with her hands flat on the floor. Worth every cent!

    Jacob P.

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