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How to Use a Yoga Pad to Improve Your Yoga Practice

Body-weight regimes such as yoga are beneficial in several aspects. It is a whole holistic practice that improves many mental and physical aspects including spirituality. 

It's important that yoga can be performed on the appropriate platforms that are most comfortable and suitable. As most forms of yoga are performed on a yoga mat; a yoga pad or a handstand mat can be more suitable and beneficial in many practices. Having the right yoga pad can tremendously improve the quality of one's yoga practice.

What is a Yoga Pad?

Yoga Pad can be seen as the baby version of a yoga mat. They are a great complement to your yoga mat to improve your practice.

Whether you are new to yoga or an advanced yoga practitioner, choosing the right yoga pad or a handstand mat can be tricky. They are several different varieties in the market.  

Erthe Life's Yoga Pad Handstand Mat

Introducing the Erthe Life Yoga Pad

These mats are multifunctional, portable, and can fit almost everywhere. Their purpose is to provide the best comfort stability and grip one needs during specific postures such as handstands. It provides extra protection and cushioning during challenging positions which requires certain pressure, allowing the yoga practice to be more comfortable. 

The best aspect of these mats is that it can be used on any rough surface such as concrete, cement, granite, and pavements. It thus provides ample amounts of cushion support. These grippy pads are printed with special alignment lines which make them a perfect complement to our travel size Cork Yoga Mat as they are designed to create extra support for your hands, elbow or knee while practicing.

For those who are just starting out with yoga or learning to perform handstands, having plenty of cushion with a yoga pad is important. The participant may fall several times while practicing, hence a thick foam mat that compresses under pressure will provide protection from injuries. 

There has been a considerable amount of consultation and gathered inspiration from some of the best handstand coaches and yoga practitioners when creating these yoga pads. Making sure the design provides maximum grip and precise alignment.

All our yoga pads are free from PVC meaning they are made from non-toxic and biodegradable materials.

Erthe Life's Portable Yoga Pad in Fresh Pink

Benefits of Using an Erthe Life Yoga Pad

  1. GRIP SUPPORT: The right cushioning can make or break the practice. Maximum grip support is essential whilst practicing. This premium non-slip handstand mat provides friction and grip for all kinds of practices. This mat allows one to confidently perform balance orientated poses. The environmentally conscious surfaces provide great grip for the hands and feet while sweating and flowing across the mat.  
  2. MULTI-PURPOSE: Can be used for handstands, yoga pads for knee elbow and hand protection, calisthenics and a mini yoga mat. 
  3. ALIGNMENT LINE INDICATION: Visual alignment lines have been intelligently designed to align and guide handstand practionners in their practices.  
  4. BIODEGRADEABLE & PLANET FRIENDLY - Erthe Life’s Handstand Mats are made of Natural Rubber and our specially engineered Eco-Polyurethane. 
  5. INCLUDES MAT STRAP: Roll up and carry your mat with our exclusive Erthe Life handstand mat strap. Allows you to carry your mat anywhere on the go.
Erthe Life's Yoga Pad in Bright Purple

What is Eco-polyurethane?

Polyurethane can easily replace rubber, silicone and plastic. It is a sustainable type of plastic that is easily recyclable. Hence, it is termed as eco-friendly.  It has no chemicals that affect the body. It can last up to 25 years. That's right, this yoga pad can last up to 25 years! It can also help fight climate change. This is because polyurethane is made up of natural resources.  It has more elasticity than rubber. Plastics cause severe environmental damage and this mat will not cause any problems.  

Our handstand mats are also PVC free, which means it's made up of high-quality non-toxic materials. PVC contains phthalates, linked to both environmental and health impacts, in addition to other toxic additives. PVC is one of the most toxic consumer materials on the market. They take up to 1000 years to biodegrade releasing highly toxic chemicals such as chlorine into the ground. It is a cheap material used in manufacturing which used to commonly be used in yoga mats. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and it's made from petroleum. They have major detrimental impacts on health and the environment. They are well known to disrupt hormones and promote adverse problems. It cannot be recycled.

These eco-friendly yoga pads made from biodegradable materials help maintain a clean environment free of inorganic and non-biodegradable waste. In fact, they reduce carbon emissions during manufacture because of their green production processes.

    What can a Yoga Pad provide which Conventional Yoga Mat can't?

    As mentioned previously, Yoga Pads make great a complement to your conventional yoga mat during practice. While Yoga Pads also make a great replacement as a portable yoga mat. Its smaller size makes it so much easier to carry and doesn't take up much space once it is rolled up.

    It is comparatively more portable to carry in a your gym bag or suitcase than other conventional yoga mats. So even when you're on the travel, yoga pads makes are great yoga accessory!


    One can do strenuous exercises on this mat, it offers an excellent slip resistant advantage. It can prevent injuries. Made up of biodegradable silicone materials, superior quality material as well as preventing the absorption of sweat while practicing.

    Erthe Life's Yoga Pad in 4 different vibrant colours

    Check out our latest range of Yoga Pads:

    We have four amazing colours to choose from! 

    1. Shady Blue
    2. Shiny Black
    3. Bright Purple
    4. Fresh Pink  


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