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Cork Yoga Mat: The Perfect Yoga Companion

Cork Yoga mats used at Studio12 for Yoga classes

Introducing our best selling #plasticfree eco-friendly cork yoga mat. Made with 100% sustainable cork and natural tree rubber, our non-toxic and biodegradable materials are made to last as well as being friendly to the environment.

Erthe Life's mission is to simplify the path to a sustainable living through Yoga, Movement & Breathwork. All our yoga accessories are designed in Australia, sustainable and biodegradable while not compromising performance, style, and durability.

Why Erthe Life's Cork Yoga Mat over Traditional Yoga Mat?

You unroll a traditional yoga mat and you begin your yoga practice. You take a deep breath in: inhale love. You then take a long and slow exhalation: exhale gratitude. Out of nowhere, your peace within is met with a sudden smell of toxic chemicals.

The truth is that traditional yoga mats are produced with harmful materials like synthetic plastic polymer (PVC, Polyvinyl chloride). And over time, these traditional yoga mats are met with unwanted odors and mold.

Erthe Life's cork yoga mats are designed not only to improve your yoga practice but to also save the environment by only using only sustainable materials: organic cork and natural tree rubber.

Cork Yoga Mat for Yoga, Fitness and Meditation at Studio12 HK

Benefits of Cork

Cork is naturally antimicrobial. This means that Erthe Life’s cork yoga mat will naturally sanitise unwanted bacteria which may live on your yoga mat. The cork surface will eliminate the dirty germs and odor which may develop over time. This will give you peace of mind during your practice, considering how long and close your body connects with your yoga mats while practicing.

The cork material used in our cork yoga mats are naturally grown from self-regenerated oak tree bark. They are 100% organic and natural. The cork is stripped from grown oak trees without any of them being cut down. The cork layer is then submerged into 100% natural tree rubber at high temperature with no latex or toxic glue used in the production process. Only premium high density cork grain is used so there is a less chance of your cork yoga mat getting chipped or damaged over the years.

Cork is really durable. Whether you’re using it at home or carrying it around with you to yoga studios or the park, cork will last longer than traditional yoga mats that are made with PVC or other rubber materials. With premium sustainable cork and natural rubber naturally glued together, Erthe Life’s cork yoga mat not only provides the perfect grip but also a firm cushion for enhanced balance and maximum comfort.  Last but not least, cork is anti-static so expect the most natural and grounding connection with your body and the cork yoga mat!

Here are some helpful tips and tricks on how to use and maintain the Erthe Life’s cork yoga mat

Most of us has experienced a sweaty yoga session and how important it is for your yoga accessories to fully support your workout.

Erthe Life’s Cork Yoga Mat has the ideal adaptive grip when you’re drenched in sweat so you can stop picking up your sweat towel every few seconds to dry your yoga mat. Cork has an opened cell structure that provides a more stable grip that gets grippier with more moisture and sweat.

Cork Yoga Mat provides great grip and comfort over traditional yoga mats

- Moisture for the best grip

Moisture and sweat on our Cork Yoga Mat will activate extra grip. Before you begin your session, slightly moist your hands and feet.

Spray a small amount of water on the cork yoga mat where your hands and feet go during your session. This will activate the amazing benefit of the waxy substance Suberin which is naturally found in cork.

For best results:

Spray a small amount of our All Natural DIY Cleanser (see below for our Natural DIY Cleanser Recipe) onto your cork yoga mat before your session to activate your grip!

Smell the fragrance and feel the extra grip!

Yoga Handstand Posture with Erthe life Cork Yoga mat at Studio12 Hong Kong Sheung Wan

- Quality cork for better body alignment

Whether you’re a beginner or a practitioner, we are prone to slip when we challenge ourselves with new moves and postures. We learn and adapt with our balance and the way we move to evenly distribute our weight and body alignment.

As our body alignment and balance abilities improve, we gain more traction with our feet and hands with our cork yoga mat. We will feel more connected with our practice as sustainable cork and natural rubber materials provides a sturdy cushion. While our body learns where to apply the right amount of pressure, the sturdy cushion will help protect your feet and hands while causing less fatigue so you can practice longer.

Consult with your your yoga teacher to look at your poses and transitions where you find yourself slipping or not getting the right balance. This is a great way to learn and progress in your practice as an outside perspective is the best way to get feedback.

Yoga pose with Erthe Life Cork Yoga Mat outside of Studio12 Hong Kong Sheung Wan

 - How to Clean Your Erthe Lifes Cork Yoga Mat

Spray generously over the whole cork yoga mat after your practice with our All-Natural DIY Spray.

Use a moist soft cloth to wipe off the cleanser while gently rubbing a little extra if needed. For dirtier parts of the mat, especially where the feet and hands have been, leave the disinfectant settle on the mat for about 3 to 4 minutes to work its magic.

Leave the yoga mat flat and air dry for about 5 to 15 minutes before rolling it back up. Remember to only roll up your mat (cork side facing the outside) for storage when it is dry, this way, it will keep the mat clean and fresh ready for your next workout.

Cleaning and Maintaining Erthe Life Cork Yoga Mat at Studio12 Hong Kong with DIY Cleanser

Erthe Lifes Natural DIY Cleanser Recipe

What you’ll need:

  • Refillable Spray Bottle
  • Three quarters water
  • One quarter White Vinegar
  • Five to Ten drops of essential oil (Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemongrass and/or Tea tree oils are recommended for their natural disinfectant properties)

Remember to shake the bottle before spraying it. Enjoy a clean and aromatic fragrance smell before and after your yoga session

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