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Shilajit - The Best Natural Supplement for Optimal Health

What is Shilajit? 

Shilajit is a beneficial substance found primarily in the Himalayas. It is a potent and very safe supplement, restoring the energetic balance and potentially able to prevent several diseases. It is demonstrated to be immensely beneficial for human health.  

Shilajit has been known and used for centuries by the Ayurvedic Medicine, as a rejuvenator. It improves human health and increases physical strength. The health benefits of Shilajit differ from regions, solely on the place of extraction. 


What is it made up of? 

It is neither plant nor of animal origin. In nature, Shilajit is a type of mineral pitch that is made up of humus and decomposed plant remains, exuded from the rocks present in the Himalayas at an altitude of over 5000 meters above sea level. 

What is it also popularly known as? 

Shilajit is usually known as Asphaltum, Black Bitumen, or Mineral Pitch in English. Other names that refer Shilajit in Ayurveda in other states within India includes Silajat, Shilajatu, Silajatu, Kanmandam.  

How is it purified? 

Shilajit can only be used after a thorough purification method using several herbal tinctures and other compounds. The presence of impurities in the form of soil, dirt etc. reduces the therapeutic and curative effects. 

The purification process not only removes impurities but also enhances the therapeutic efficacy of the product.  


Shilajit Jar

What are its benefits? 

Shilajit has innumerable benefits for the mind and body. Here are as follows: 

  1. Improves cognitive functioning: It is a traditional remedy to increase the functioning of the brain. Improves memory, reasoning, problem solving, and other cognitive functions.  
  2. Relieves stress and anxiety: Shilajit is a powerful adaptogen. It stabilizes elements in the body and keeps serotonin levels in control. 
  3. Promotes Cardiac Functioning: Imbued with antioxidants and cardio-protective properties, it plays a crucial role in treating a host of heart ailments. It relaxes the cardiac system, by soothing the mind. Kindly contact your cardiac health doctor if consuming for this reason. 
  4. Enhances fertility and induces libido: It is a traditional remedy for men. It stimulates the production of testosterone, increases virility and stamina. 
  5. For a better digestive system: Shilajit can protect your gut from problems such as inflammation and oxidative stress. It has benzoic acid, which is antibacterial. It may help in preventing gut infections and other problems of the gut. 
  6. Bone health: Shilajit may strengthen the bones, increase bone density, and protect against osteoporosis. Post-menopausal women have estrogen deficiency that reduces bone density. Because Shilajit increases estrogen levels, it helps relieve the symptoms of menopause. 
  7. Increases iron: Can reduce inertia, fatigue, lethargy. Taken as an energy booster for vitality. Fatigue occurs when your body cells do not produce enough energy. Shilajit is used as a revitalizer to enhance physical performance and relieve fatigue. 

Can Shilajit be taken daily?

A person can dissolve a pea-sized portion of Shilajit in liquid and drink it up to three times a day, depending on the instructions on the package. The recommended dose of Shilajit is 300 to 500 milligrams per day. However, it is important that a person speaks with a doctor before taking any natural supplements.                      

Shilajit Capsules

What minerals does it consist of? 

One of the reasons that Shilajit is a potent healing substance that it is packed with beneficial minerals, including copper, calcium, iron, silica, magnesium, sodium, and zinc.   

Where can I get it from? 

To ensure safety, it is important to make sure that you choose a supplement that comes from a reliable source. Your Shilajit should be purified and ready for use, rather than raw or unprocessed. Raw Shilajit runs the risk of containing heavy metals, fungus, bacteria, or other unwanted contaminants. 

Balkan Mountains

More on the sustainability of Shilajit 

As Shilajit reputation as a healthy ingredient has grown in recent times, much of it has been harvested from the Himalayan Mountain range, leading to some sustainability concerns. 

In line with brands to commit to sustainable sourcing, acquiring Shilajit from the Balkan Mountains in Eastern Europe where sustainability is not a concern. 

As a part of a larger conversation regarding the sustainability of Ayurvedic herbs, it is important to understand where and how plants are grown and harvested.  

Sustainability is ensured by sourcing the botanicals used in products  privately. 


How to use Shilajit?

Shilajit is available in liquid, powder or tablet form. I personally recommend it in tablet form as it is the easiest and convenient way to consume it. Many people may like the taste of Shilajit as it does have a strong flavour to it, so taking it tablet form can avoid the unwanted taste in the mouth.

After year's of taking Shilajit and trying different brands available in the market, we find Mitolife's Panacea to be the most purest and potent Shilajit tested. Panacea comes in a pure tablet form sourced sustainably from the Siberian mountains in Russia. Panacea comes in an easy to take tablet form purified and compressed for your convenience.

A complete trace of mineral source, Mitolife's Panacea contains more than 84 carbon-bonded organic minerals made easily absorbed by the body. With a high source of fulvic acid, this compound helps increase delivery of minerals into your cells while absorbing other compounds taken along with it.

This potent whole food supplement brings the best mineral balance into your body naturally. 

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