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Sleeping Mouth Tape Myotape for Kids Australia
Sleeping Mouth Tape Myotape for Kids Australia
Sleeping Mouth Tape Myotape for Kids Australia
Sleeping Mouth Tape Myotape for Kids Australia

MyoTape - Nose Breathing for Kids

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New fun design! Each pack contains 4 animal faces (bear, frog, duck and cat).

MyoTape Nose Breathing For Kids is here! This is a game-changer to promote a healthier breathing habit for your children! This specially designed mouth tape helps encourage and retrain nose and nasal breathing by gently bringing the lips together using a soft, hypoallergenic adhesive tape. Made with cotton, this mouth tape is perfectly safe and comfortable, making sure your child can still communicate effectively while using it. 

Designed for children aged four and above, MyoTape Australia is the mouth tape to combine into their usual routine, whether they’re engaging in play, while watching television, or even when they are using their iPad or any other electronic devices.

MyoTape Australia is a specifically designed mouth tape to safely bring back the healthy habit of nasal breathing in children and teenagers. When used correctly, MyoTape mouth tape can be worn during the day or night and even while you sleep to improve children's concentration levels. 

Suitable for children between the age of four to sixteen years. MyoTape for Kids can be worn during the day for at least 30 minutes to 2 hours to help children change their habits from mouth to nose breathing. 

MyoTape for kids will:

  • Improve children's sleep
  • Reduce symptoms of behavioural and learning disorders
  • Promote healthy teeth and airways
  • Help support functional orthodontics
  • Improve speech and auditory processing in children

Why MyoTape?

MyoTape is great for kids as it does not entirely cover their mouth. It softly surrounds the mouth assisting in bringing both lips together using a simple elastic tension promoting nose breathing. 

What is MyoTape?

MyoTape Australia is designed by a breath coach and author of Oxygen Advantage: Patrick McKeown. Patrick is renowned internationally in the breathwork community. Research has shown that mouth breathing causes sleep apnea, snoring, deficient sleep quality and CPAP non-compliance. MyoTape helps bring both lips together to retrain our breathing patterns back to the nose.

MyoTape Kids Size: Overall size 35mm high x 55mm wide. Opening for the lips: 11mm high x 35mm wide.

Each pack contains 90 Myotape strips

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