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MyoTape - Nose Breathing for Adults (Large)
MyoTape - Nose Breathing for Adults (Large)

MyoTape - Nose Breathing for Adults (Large)

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MyoTape is a specialised mouth tape designed to safely restore the habit of healthy nasal breathing during the day and night, especially while you sleep.

Suitable for adults and children older than four years, this simple breathing aid aims to improve sleep, boost physical and mental health and enhance performance levels.

When used correctly and consistently, MyoTape will:

  • Help stop mouth snoring
  • Improve sleep apnea and support CPAP
  • Boost mental focus
  • Enhance sleep quality
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Improve dental health
  • Assist in reducing anxiety
  • Elevate physical performance and stamina

Why MyoTape?

MyoTap does not entirely cover the mouth. Unlike other mouth tapes, MyoTape gently wraps around the mouth just lightly bringing both lips together to make ensure you are nasal breath during the day or while sleeping. MyoTape provides an elastic pressure on your lips to help remind you to nasal breathe.

What is MyoTape?

MyoTape is designed by a breath coach and author of Oxygen Advantage: Patrick McKeown. Patrick is renowned internationally in the breathwork community. Research has shown that mouth breathing causes sleep apnea, snoring, deficient sleep quality and CPAP non-compliance. MyoTape helps bring both lips together to retrain our breathing patterns back to the nose.

Adult Large Size: Overall size 50mm high x 70mm wide. Opening for the lips: 16mm high x 40mm wide.

Each pack contains 90 strips