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Premium Cork Yoga Mat and Blocks Bundle
Premium Cork Yoga Mat Sustainable
Erthe Life Yoga Starter Pack

Erthe Life Yoga Starter Pack

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Erthe Life's Yoga Starter Pack is a complete set of yoga accessories you need to get started with your yoga practice. Made with only sustainable materials, all our cork yoga mat and blocks are non-toxic and biodegradable. 

Our Cork Yoga Mat and Blocks are durable and lightweight while not compromising your performance. They are designed to improve your yoga practice as well as being friendly to the environment. 

Cork lasts longer than conventional yoga mats that are made with PVC and other rubber materials. We use high-density and delicate fine cork grain with natural rubber to make sure our yoga mat and blocks are made to last. The premium eco-friendly cork and natural tree rubber materials provide a firm cushion and improved balance and comfort. Cork is also anti-static and naturally resists water, dust and insects!

Moisture for the Ultimate Grip

Moisture and sweat will activate extra grip on our Cork Yoga Mat. Start your practice but slightly wetting your hands and feet or spray a bit of water on the cork yoga mat where your hands and feet will go during your practice. 

Start Your Yoga Journey Today:

  • Cork Yoga Mat 

Erthe Life's cork yoga mat is made with sustainable organic cork material, backed with natural tree rubber, our cork yoga mats are eco-friendly and free from any toxic materials. Many traditional yoga products use synthetic materials and are often made with non-biodegradable plastics such as PVC and TPE. Our high-density cork is durable and anti-static so expect maximum comfort and the only yoga mat you'll need for the years to come.

Our cork yoga mat is suitable for all types of yoga practice and it is also recommended for all kinds of fitness exercises, meditation, picnics and any outdoor activities.

  • Cork Yoga Blocks (x2)

Our Cock Yoga Blocks are a great accessory to help those who are not as flexible to complete certain yoga poses. Our blocks are made with durable and long-lasting high-density cork while also providing a smooth and comfortable texture for better comfort and maximum grip. Using only eco-friendly and sustainable materials, the edges are rounded for a comfortable grip for the palm and fingers.

Using 2 cork yoga blocks as part of your yoga practice will help improve your stretches and flexibility while supporting your body in difficult yoga poses.

  • Eco-friendly Yoga Strap

Our yoga strap is a handy yoga accessory for all levels of yoga practice. Not only can you use it to carry your cork yoga mat around, our eco-friendly yoga strap can also assist you in reaching difficult yoga poses while improving your alignment and flexibility.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, yoga straps are a great yoga accessory to improve your posture, provide better support and alignment during your practice and help you stretch into those difficult positions.

Erthe Life Yoga Starter Pack includes:

1. Cork Yoga Mat

Size: 178cm x 61cm x 3mm

Weight: 2.2kg

2. Cork Yoga Blocks (x2)

Size: 22.28cm x 15.2cm x 7.6cm

Weight: 0.75kg

3. Eco-friendly Yoga Strap