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Studio12 Hong Kong: Where Fitness is Life

With a mission to empower Hong Kong locals to strengthen their body and mind through fitness and well-being, Studio12 Hong Kong launched earlier this year specialising in yoga, gymnastics, drama, fitness and well-being for all age groups, especially with kids.

This boutique wellness studio is tucked away in a quiet area of Sheung Wan next to the “Ladder streets” on Tai On Terrace. The sloped and stoney stairs in the neighbourhood and the peaceful surrounding fits perfectly well with Studio12’s theme. Their hand painted wall mural of plants and nature on the side of the studio’s building blends in with layers of stoned retaining walls around the area giving it a modern touch with years of Hong Kong history. Not only does the mural provide a feeling of nature when clients arrive at Studio12 for their classes, but it’s also a perfect setting for Instagrammers to take a few snaps with their phones after class or even if you are just walking by.

Andy Lin and Wiyona Yeung partnering with Erthe Life

Studio12 Hong Kong is founded by Wiyona Yeung who is a certified personal trainer and Andy Lin, a professional kids dance educator. Wiyona and Andy are very talented in their respective fields of fitness and they are both well known for their acting career in the Hong Kong entertainment industry.

Andy Lin: Actor, Dance Teacher and the Love for Youth Dance Education

Andy was always fascinated with all kinds of dancing influences when he was a kid. He developed a deep passion for Jazz, Jazz Funk and Hip Hop. Andy completed his studies majoring in Contemporary Dance from HKAPA and he further pursued his education with a Musical Theatre Degree in Singapore. As a professional kids dance educator and Hong Kong Actor, Andy has featured in many kids shows, most notably “Think Big” aired in one of the biggest local TV broadcaster TVB. His TV appearance allowed him to further pursue his career as a kids educator representing a reputable chain of kindergartens in Hong Kong as a Dance Director. Andy is a well respected dance teacher teaching over thousands of young students and he is on a mission to further spread his passion in dance education for young dancers with Studio12 Hong Kong.

Andy Lin teaching kids dance class at Studio12

Wiyona Yeung: Actress, Fitness Trainer and Women Empowerment

Wiyona is well known for her action movie appearances in Hong Kong's entertainment industry. Her action movie career allowed her to learn and train all kinds of martial arts including Wing Chun, MMA and self-defence training for girls. Featured in multiple action movies and with a passion for fitness and movement, Wiyona has excelled in the fitness industry by becoming a certified personal trainer and have completed other intensive fitness training programs in Phuket, Thailand. With such an impressive career, Wiyona believes creating Studio12 Hong Kong is the perfect platform for her to further empower Hong Kong people (especially women) with better physical and mental strength through health and fitness.

Wiyona teaching fitness class at Studio12 Hong Kong

Studio12 going sustainable!

Erthe Life is honoured to be working with Studio12 in finding a sustainable solution for their fitness and yoga accessories. We are providing Studio12 with our sustainable cork and natural tree rubber yoga mats and our 100% cork yoga blocks which complements perfectly with their white décor and the studio’s minimalistic theme.

Don’t forget to strike your favourite yoga pose with our cork yoga mat in front of their hand painted wall mural for your social media posts!

Yoga pose with Erthe Life's Cork Yoga Mat at Studio12 HK

Studio12 Hong Kong is located in Tai on Terrace, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Check out Our Partners listing for Studio12's full address and contact details.

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