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The Amazing Benefits of Animal Flow

Animal Flow has become increasingly popular across the globe, it is a fascinating fitness regime that can be used as a tool to enhance the body and mind. This widespread awareness of this body-weight regime has helped thousands of people during the pandemic to exercise without gym accessibilities and weights.

Animal Flow is a ground body weight-based movement program. It integrates elements from various bodyweight disciplines such as breakdancing, parkour, and hand balancing with animal locomotion patterns. The movements can be performed solo, or combined into "flows" which link together various elements into an uninterrupted chain of energy and movement. It can be practiced by people of all skill levels, with movements ranging from beginner level all the way to highly advanced.

Animal Flow Crab Reach Position

The Benefits of Animal Flow:

  1. Improves hip function: Sedentary lifestyles of recent years has been the result of technology & pandemic induces work from home arrangements. With Animal Flow, there are movements that increases the range of motion. It can also activate 20 muscles across the hip as the movements are in multiple directions. This body weight regime can regain high levels of mastery and strength at the hips.
  2. Improves mind-body connect: Our bodies are an integrated composite of complex physical, mental and emotional subsystems. This understanding of the benefits of fusion has led to the creation of Animal Flow. It brings awareness to the hands and feet. Performing the movements slowly and noticing the changing sensations can sharpen awareness.
  3. Improves mountain climbing performance: Successful climbers combine strength, endurance, power, flexibility, mobility, and dexterity of both mind and body. Climbing requires a complex synergy between all of these abilities, relying on the successful integration of spatial awareness, balance, and coordination. Animal way is a step-forward for training.
  4. Improves spatial awareness: It’s important to reinforce spatial awareness to perform movement, especially qualitative ones. It prevents stress, strains and injuries. Practicing quick direction changes, tweaking flows, impromptu flows, performing composite movements help develop heightened body and spatial awareness.
  5. Optimizing foot function: With Animal Flow, you can activate your feet for better movement, posture and strength. These receptors play an important role in your balance, gait, posture, and overall movement control. When these sensory nerves are stimulated, the tiny muscles of your feet are activated and a whole cascade of events occur throughout your body.

Benefits of Animal Flow

What are the Basic Positions of Animal Flow?

The 3 basic positions of Animal Flow are ape, beast, & crab. These are some of the foundation positions of the program, with most flows starting in one of these positions. Several advanced dynamic movements still use these positions in some form. When starting out with your AF practice, you'll learn these positions first. Then you'll learn how to use them in traveling forms, as part of the Form Specific Stretches component, and as base positions for many Switches and Transitions. You'll become very familiar with the many iterations of these starting positions.

Animal Flow Static Crab Base Position

Animal Flow is About Community

The longer you spend doing something, the more experienced in it and knowledgeable about it you become. The quantity of contribution increases in value. In the Animal Flow community, there is a huge appreciation towards this. Everyone is eager to learn from one another.

This physical activity influences your life experience, building a community, encourage healthy activity, and learning. Everyone is encouraged to have active participation, which leads to involvement.

How Can Animal Flow Improve My Lifestyle?

Having a digital detox, shutting down devices, minimizing screen time to step outside into the natural world can do so much to avoid the perils of online life. It compliments to Animal Flow Practice.

Practicing Animal Flow amidst nature can be one of the most rejuvenating and refreshing experiences. Whether it’s a beautiful beach in Sydney or even just the rooftop on your apartment building, moving outdoors always seems to create a special vibe.

Animal Flow Allows Us to be More Grounded

The sensation of taking your footwear off and letting your feet sink. The pleasant sensation of taking them off and allowing your feet to sink into the earth.

1. Reduces stress and anxiety

2. Improves self-esteem, mood and memory

3. Rejuvenation, exhilaration and not exhaustion

4. Heightened awareness

Animal flow is another reason to connect to Mother Nature. The fresh air, breeze, lovely sunshine and refreshing raindrops. It’s recommended for nature lovers, free from carrying weights and equipment's around, no hassle.

Animal Flow in Mother Nature and Great for Grounding

How Can Animal Flow Improve My Mindfulness?

Having the same level of concentration, engaging all the senses, from sight hearing and touch. It’s about approaching the next movement, into the next switch and transition, feeling your body move throughout.

When we train outside, our cells, the anatomy evolved alongside nature and activity will connect to us deeper to practice and ourselves.

Animal Flow for Mindfulness and Connection

How to Get Started with Animal Flow?

The easiest way to get started with Animal Flow is the easily accessible Animal Flow On Demand Channel. This channel can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Whether you are using your phone, tablet, desktop or even on the Smart TV!

The On Demand Channel provides classes ranging from beginner to advanced level with new classes added every 2 months. The Animal Flow On Demand Channel also provides full tutorials on all of the Level 1 and 2 Animal Flow movements with Bonus Moves sessions including how to perform Tuck Balances. This Channel has a full library of flows with brand new Flows of the Week uploaded every Monday.

To get started, Try the app FREE for your first 14 days. Click here for more information on Animal Flow On Demand and how to subscribe.

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