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How to Improve Your Posture with Barefoot Shoes

The 'barefoot' in barefoot shoes is associated with the feeling provided by the shoes, which comes as close to barefoot running as is possible while wearing shoes. Barefoot shoes seek to provide the foot's natural freedom of movement. This is why it is often interchanged with the term 'minimal shoe'.   

It is now designed for men and women. Everybody can now enjoy building strong, adventurous feet at work.

Barefoot feel

What can barefoot shoes provide?

They typically provide minimal interference with the natural movement of the foot. They have high flexibility, lightweight and low heel structure. They are a stability device. 

Barefoot shoes provide natural and efficient shock absorbing properties for a proper functioning foot. They aid in proprioception, sensory feedback and muscle strength. 

It is classic bare-footwear, better for you and better for the planet. 

Barefoot Shoe

What are its unique features?

1. Natural Fit

Wide toe boxes allow your toes to spread and relax. Non-elevated heels enhance posture. In modern footwear, the toes get scrunched up, making it uncomfortable causing tension in the system. Whereas these shoes allow your feet to breathe and just be. 

2. Natural Feel 

The unique soles provide safety, protection and adequate comfort. It provides the minimalistic feeling of walking barefoot. It’s lightweight and quite easy to use. 

3. Natural Motion 

The sole protects the foot as well as enhances the range of motion. It provides the liberty to point and flex the foot, just how one would do barefoot. It avoids friction and grants movement to the foot. 


How does it help improve posture?

The footwear supports to “reconnect with feet” through strengthening and stretching, one can turn their weak and feeble feet back  into the naturally spring-loaded structure they’re supposed to be. The arches will become more elastic and my toes will get stronger. Researches suggest that consumers would  less prone to injury.

There's a lot to be said for wearing these shoes in daily life, whatever kind of lifestyle you lead. If you make efforts towards achieving a fitter, more athletic body, wearing these shoes can accelerate your journey towards stronger and healthier feet. 

What are they made up of?

Vivobarefoot shoes are made from thin, puncture-resistant soles with no heel or support. They allow 200,000 nerves with better sensory feedback which allows  you to move with greater agility and skill. 
The “foot shaped” design enables your feet to move closer to how nature intended — whether you’re clambering over rocks or pirouetting.

Barefoot Wear

Can they be used for running? 

Yes, they can be used for running. As a matter of fact, barefoot shoes allow you to run, giving you the sensation of just moving naturally and freely throughout your run. The barefoot feel that comes with minimalist shoes comes from a sole with less cushioning, letting your feet feel a closer connection with the ground.                                             

When online shopping for the best minimalist running shoes, it's important to look for a few key features in order to see what’s best for you. Understanding the benefits of running shoes (barefoot-style or otherwise) can help you make an informed decision. 

What are its benefits?

  1. Strengthen the foot and realign muscle fibres. 

  2. Improve ankle stability and prevent injuries 

  3. Relieve lower back pain, and reduce pain caused by injured knees and hips.

  4. Can correct ‘’hammertoe’’

  5. Alleviate back pain 

Barefoot footwear can also protect feet from weather and harsh terrain, but it does so with less extra. 

Healthy movement means so much more than hitting the gym, it means moving more and moving better, in the complex sedentary life we live in. You can embrace everyday and prime your feet with Vivobarefoot. 

‘’The Human Foot is an evolutionary masterpiece’’. 

Vivobarefoot aims to make the perfect shoe for the perfect feet. These shoes will support the feet 'structure and flexibility. 

The Human Foot is a biomechanical masterpiece; it can thrive from walking and jumping to dancing and running. However, when we cram our feet in a modern shoe - cushioned, narrow and rigid - negates its natural function. 

Our feet have a primary  connection to the earth, and they should be in the best care. This is where Vivobarefoot footwear comes into play, and they don’t disappoint. 

All Vivobarefoot footwear are designed to be Wide, Thin & Flexible. They allow you to feel the ground beneath your feet. There is a significant sensory connection between the feet and the brain, and thus, our movement and place in the world. A Vivobarefoot shoe reconnects you to nature.  

Hiking Barefoot Shoes

Where can I utilize these shoes?

  1. Hiking

  2. Road running

  3. Work

  4. All kinds of weather

  5. Trail Running

Is it accessible to all? 

Vivobarefoot is pleased to be able to provide footwear at a more accessible price without having to compromise on regenerative design principles. They strive to allow the brand to be more available to more consumers, and we have the opportunity to increase their reach.

The variety of styles means that consumers can find old treasured favourites, or embark a journey of love with something they might have missed the first time.

What’s the specialty? 

It is our minimalist slip on, designed to allow natural foot freedom so you can explore the Earth. Its wide, thin and flexible with hand-stitched sole features with a bare-footprint design inspired by the oldest recorded foot-print, keeping you moving naturally like our ancestors. 

What do professionals have to say about it?

Here are popular testimonials from top professionals :

1. ‘’Wearing Vivobarefoot Shoes has changed the way my feet respond to the ground’’ Dr. Jen Fabroni

2. ‘’They’ve strengthened my feet. My stabilizing muscles are on point, and my balance overall has also improved.’’ - Hannah Eden

3. ‘’ If you haven’t had the opportunity to go barefoot with Vivobarefoot, I wholeheartedly recommend that you do.’’ - Coach Clem

We were born with the tools we need to survive, and it has only been in the last blip of our history that Vivobarefoot has invented the shoes we know today. 

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