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A Simple Habit to Replace Single-Use Plastic Bottles

A large percentage of plastic waste comes from single-use plastic water bottles. The ever-increasing use of plastic over the years has filled up our oceans and landfills with unwanted plastic pollution. Plastic takes thousands of years to decompose with a large amount of oil used in the production process.

The full extent of the damage it is causing to our planet is impossible to fully account for, from killing marine life to unnecessary carbon emissions. Although we are a long way to fully stop using any kind of plastic in our daily lives but we can start minimising the damage to our planet.

Erthe Life Bamboo Reusable Water Bottle perfect for brewing your favourite tea

An easy way to start reducing plastic use is to stop buying single-use plastic bottled water and replace them with a reusable water bottle. Not only will it save you money in the long run, but this is also such a simple habit to start in your journey to sustainable living.

What are the effects of plastic on the environment?

Plastic is not biodegradable. After you have finished with your single-use plastic water bottle, it creates a problem in our natural environment as plastic requires thousands of years to dissolve making them pretty much impossible to get rid of. Often enough, single-use plastics are not properly disposed of, so they eventually end up in our ocean killing millions of marine lives each year.

Single-use plastic bottle requires oil to produce. The negative impact on the environment from the extraction of oil, the processing of bottle water, storage and delivering them to our stores is definitely a growing concern for the future of our planet.

Erthe Life Bamboo Reusable Water Bottle perfect for hiking

Plastic Bottles causing Health Concerns

Not only does plastic negatively impact our planet, but many of us are also unaware of the health dangers of drinking water from a plastic bottle.

Marketing tactics by bottled water companies make us believe that their water is from a quality source. More often than not, it is just tap water and some may not even be filtered properly. While some companies do provide premium quality through proper filtration, the water is exposed to toxic chemicals from the plastic bottle. This is a risk we put ourselves into with drinking from plastic bottled water. You are exposing yourself to ingesting harmful chemicals used to make the plastic as toxins are leached into the water over time.

One Simple Change: Erthe Life’s Reusable Water Bottle

There is more and more research on how wasteful and environmentally damaging plastic is to our environment, and we can start making a difference with a simple solution: ditch the single-use plastic water bottles and replace them with a reusable water bottle. It is important to understand that not all reusable bottles are planet friendly. At Erthe Life, we know how important it is to be drinking healthy and clean water. Our team dedicated our time to find the best reusable bottle option available.

Erthe Life's Bamboo Insulated Reusable Water Bottle

Introducing our Insulated Bamboo Water Bottle with Tea Infuser. Erthe Life’s stylish and convenient reusable water bottle uses natural organic bamboo and stainless steel. Stainless steel takes less oil to produce and can keep hot beverages safe from deadly toxins released from plastic bottles when exposed to hot liquid. Our Bamboo Water bottle comes with a stainless steel tea infuser. It lets you put your favourite tea bag or tea leaves into the infuser to brew your favourite tea. Steel is a great non-toxic option to single-use plastic water bottles, so our double-wall insulated stainless steel will also keep your drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

Erthe Life Bamboo Reusable Fruit-infused Water Bottle

Having your own reusable water bottle and refilling your own water is a lot more convenient than you think. With so many options available in the market now, it can be daunting to find the right bottle. At Erthe Life, we have the one and only reusable water bottle you will ever need. Perfect to carry around the office, to the gym or for a hike and perfect for kids to bring to school. Our Bamboo insulated bottle uses double-wall stainless steel with organic bamboo meaning it is never too hot or cold to carry around. Make the switch and start by making a simple sustainable living change to reduce carbon footprint and plastic waste in our oceans and landfills.

Erthe Life Bamboo Insulated Water Bottle with Tea Infuser

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